In the fast-paced world in which we live, it's easy to lose sight of
the immense beauty which surrounds us. Just beneath our eyes
lies an incredible world of bizarre looking creatures, vibrant colors,
and elaborate patterns. While nature's most spectacular wonders
are often thought to be far away mystical jungles or foggy
snow-capped mountaintops, some of the most beautiful
and intriguing sights are in our own backyards.

As a self-taught macro photographer, I have been working to
expose details in nature that are often overlooked or are
entirely invisible to the human eye. I hope my photographs
help to shed light on a world which is so incredible and yet
so obscure.

I currently work with a Canon 60D Digital SLR camera, an
MP-E65 macro lens, a 430 EX II flash, and a homemade
flash diffuser.